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We Love Them Alpacas and want the world to know just how great they are. Our goal is to have healthy and happy alpacas. We are trying to maintain holistic practices on our ranch. We are also practicing  the Marty McGee Camilid Handling practice and doing our best to incorporate it.

Our Goal

Breed for the health and vigor of the alpaca while improving the quality and quantity of the fleeces. Introduce people to the wonderful world of alpacas.  Help educate and bring alpaca fiber to  a high quality profitable harvest for breeders.


We are laser beam focusing on fiber quality.  Conformation is always important for the health and vigor of the alpaca. Alpacas are fleece bearing animals.   We have spent years learning about fiber, its production and its use in products.  We are working very hard to develop product lines that use the fiber.    We have taken several sorting/classing fiber classes and  I (Robin)  was an apprentice in the Course Broads Fiber sorting program.  I think that program was the best education I received in fiber quality and uses. 

The last few years we are following the livestock breeding model suggested by Brett Kaysen and only one or two males bred our female herd.   This puts a lot of excellent quality males out of work and out of the livestock industry.   We are offering many of our males for sale at very low prices.  Many of this alpacas are excellent quality for a breeding program.

We are dramatically reducing our herd size to focus on a smaller specialized breeding program.  Richard has had 4 neck surgeries and a shoulder surgery following an accident at work in the last several years.   We don't have the time and energy to manage our large herd.   We are by no means leaving the alpaca world and hope to become more involved as professionals in the industry.    Our herd is a nice blend of alpacas from around the country.  Good genetics and healthy stock at bargain basement prices.

Our History

Our ranch is operated by Richard and Robin Vasquez (that's us). We became interested and involved in Alpacas just a short time ago.  In may of 2006 we brought home our first alpacas.   We live on 20 acres in Gilroy, California.  We are right along side the 101 freeway just 3 miles south of San Martin and 7 miles south of Morgan Hill and three miles north of  Gilroy City limits.

Years ago the entire valley was made up of beautiful orchards. Our land was a prune orchard planted and taken care of by my father Melvin Silvera. It was a sad day when you could not longer profitably care for an orchard and the beautiful trees were pushed over and burned. The land has been leased out for various row crops for the last 15 years. The lease was not renewed and it was our decision to take the land back and make it into a thriving working ranch again. Neither of us knew a thing about farming or row crops. Richard's knowledge was pretty strong in the area of cattle and horses. I, on the other hand, am a big animal lover so eating cattle I raise and feed was out of the question. We talked seriously about horses but it seemed to be a big endeavor that would take us years to get started properly. We then came across alpacas and we have been on a roller-coaster ride since then. We were married in December of 2005 and five months later had a working alpaca ranch with 23 alpacas and and two guard llamas. 

Fast Forward  2011

Alpacas are bred and raised for their fiber.  We have become very interested and invested in the fiber aspect of alpacas.  Richard and I went back to New Hampshire to participate in an educational course about sorting and grading fibers for the textile industry.  We also were able to tour a very old textile mill that is still in operation.    I am now an apprentice in the  sorting program.  NAAFP  is a fiber co-op that had a very high standard for alpaca fiber and their products are top of the line in the industry.    Alpaca United is a new group that has just started  for the promotion of alpaca fiber.  They just attended a major worldwide textile show in Barcelona Spain.   The textile world has not yet heard about the wonderful fiber of alpaca and that it is becoming available in the USA in 32 natural colors.    This is creating a big stir around the world and will be a huge boon to the USA alpaca fiber industry.   We see nothing but great things for this business in the future.

We have grown rapidly. October of 2011  We now own over 150 alpacas.  We have two teams of Maremma's which are  working livestock guarding dogs that watch over and protect the herd.   We continue to learn about fiber and adjust our breeding program to produce the most high grade profitable fiber possible.    Yep we still Love Them Alpacas and I can say this is the best job I have ever had.

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Updated March 06, 2020