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PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL on the contact page or directly to r.vasquez1235@yahoo.com. The phone messages are getting cut off and I am not able to return calls as rapidly as I would like.

The alpacas have all been moved to East Texas! They are loving their new home! We have many great alpacas for sale. Come visit us and pick out a small herd for yourself. Life is better with alpacas!


We are now happy residents of North East Texas! We are located in a small town called Pickton. Texas is now our home. We are loving everything about Texas and their is a lot to love. So beautiful, so green, friendly people, small towns.

We lived at the tip of Silicon Valley and found agriculture and rural life is being pushed out of California. Our feed stores are closing, the farmers have been cut off from water so hay is in short supply. Taxes and utilities are skyrocketing.

We want to keep our alpacas and country lifestyle so we made the hard decision to leave my family property behind for now. We bought our first alpacas in May of 2006. It was instant love for us. We are expanding our business to include fiber processing and alpaca products. We just can not do that and survive in California. Our ranch has grown rapidly we now have 120 alpacas and more than 20 cria in the 2014 birthing season. We have learned so much about alpacas and everyday is more learning and experience. This is the best job I have had in my life. I love being and interacting with the alpacas. Their individual traits never cease to amaze me.

We run a holistic ranch and feel nutrition, proper care, low stress and clean environment with exercise keeps our alpacas strong and healthy. We have alpacas in all ranges of age, color and quality. We are always here and love to talk about alpacas.

We are dedicated to the alpaca industry and are working to make this a respected, profitable and sustainable industry that we can all be proud of and grow with enthusiasm toward the future.

We are interested in working with other experienced breeders and people just looking to start in the wonderful world of alpacas.

We look forward to seeing you.

Richard and Robin Vasquez